Children's Club "Nemo" Therma Eco Village

Children's Club "Nemo" Therma Eco Village.

No time to be bored!
All talented children will have fun.
Children's animation program from 04.06 to 28.08

The Leonardo da Vinci School - every day
Venue: Winter Hall (skating rink)
- Art projects
- Origami
- Embroidery
- Drawings
Classes are aimed to develop creative activity, aesthetic attitude to reality;

School "Young gardener" - Mon, Wed
Venue: Winter Hall (skating rink)
Children have lectures about trees and plants, then they can plant them themselves, write their names on the tree they have planted, and the next year they can come and see the result.

Classes help to bring up a valuable attitude to nature and environment (ecological education):
- Development of interest to nature, natural phenomena and forms of life, understanding of the active role of people in environment protection;
- Experience of nature protection activity;
- Gentle attitude towards environment.

English Language School "Britannic" - Tue, Thu
Venue: Sunny Hall (Hall in Therma Eco 2nd floor)
Lessons are taught by a qualified teacher. Classes are held in 2 groups:
Children from 4-8 years old
Lessons are held in a game form. Сartoons, songs and games in English.
Children from 8-14 years old
Learning new words, the basics of grammar, games, dialogues.

Cooking school "Ratatouille" - Fri, Sun
Venue: poolside pizzeria
Cooking pizza, truffles and Bulgarian banitza.
Master-class is held by the chef of our restaurant.

School "Hogwarts" - Mon, Wed, Sat
Venue: Sunny hall (hall in Therma Eco 2nd floor)
Secret spells, quests, real magic. Birthday with fantasy heroes, active games and table battles.
At the graduation of the "Hogwarts"school - children receive a diploma of a magician.

Residents of Therma Palace can attend the Therma Eco children's club.