Yacht port Balchik

Мarina in Balchik is one of the best places for yachting tourism on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. This is one of the most authentic seaports in Bulgaria, because here life never stops. Lying in the beautiful houses and hotels Balchik port if merged with the city and with his life. Marina in Balchik allows for berthing 60 yachts and worked around the clock. The atmosphere at the port of Balchik is really unique - restaurants, cafes and good music accompany the arrival and departure of luxury yachts and motor boats. The organization of work at the port of Balchik is so high that you will not feel "admission regime" for ships often restrict the tourists browsing other ports in Bulgaria. You can take pictures or talk to one of the local fishermen or accidentally landed Captain, you can enjoy the unique Italian restaurant El Simpatico, located neposredstvono to the port. A night while sipping delicious Italian white wine, champagne or Prosecco on the beach, you can watch the impressive views of the emerging darkness ship's lights gradually becoming brighter and brighter. And why not, and can enjoy a romantic night cruise - Albena, Golden Sands, Kranevo or Kalikara and unique golf courses around Balchik. Yacht tourism in Balchik is one of the most highly developed in the North Coast. The port of Balchik offers a variety of cruises in yachts and motor boats in the northern and southern coast - as desired. Yacht cruises are often combined with picnics, bathing in the sea, fishing or golf games. Near Balchik Bay are the most beautiful golf courses in Bulgaria - Thracian Cliffs Golf & Beach Resort and Black Sea Rama.