What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is an innovative method in the world that has many uses in the spheres: general body therapy; Sport therapy and external aesthetics of the body. Treatment that is based on cold. This process involves subjecting the body to very low temperatures using liquid nitrogen technology. It is harmless to man and can be inhaled. There are two basic models for the physiological range of regimens under which cryotherapy is performed. The first is local intervention on specific areas of the human body and the second exposure to the whole body under the influence of cryotherapy, which is also most effective for the patient.

How does it apply?

Cryotherapy is extremely easy to apply. Service users enter the cryo cabin, a vertical cab with an open ceiling. The patient's head is outside the door from the neck and the body has no direct contact with the appliance walls. The body is subjected to cooled nitrogen gas with temperatures between -150 and -180 ° C. Despite the low degrees, the internal body temperature does not change, only the surface layer of the skin is cooled. As a result, a huge number of health effects are obtained without the risk of freezing the body. The process is too short to cause serious discomfort to the client. The duration of one session is no more than four minutes, making the method easy to put into the fastened everyday life of every person.

For whom is suitable the cryotherapy ?

Cryotherapy is a functional method for the treatment of multiple physiological conditions. It is used in cosmetics and aesthetics as well as in sports and in the treatment of numerous health problems.

Especially good in the cryosauna are feeling the athletes who, thanks to the "freezing" principle, manage to recover remarkably quick after heavy workouts.

Grigor Dimitrov continues his training and recovers after the hectic activities, also relying on cryosauna cryotherapy. Cristiano Ronaldo also maintains his shape with the cryosauna.

Of course, everyone who wants to be in good health, to have a good immune system and last but not least,to lose weight – the cryosauna is suitable for.

Each procedure with the cryosauta burns up to 1000 calories, which means that for 20 procedures one can lose 7-10 pounds if he combines the cryosauna with healthy lifestyle.


·         Affects a number of dermatological complications (acne), including psoriasis;

·         Successfully applied for cellulite removal;

·         Clamps and smooths the skin;

·         Helps effectively the elimination of fat deposits and fights overweight;

·         It affects skin burns;

·         Improves the general metabolism and physiological functions of the organism;

General Therapy:

·         Recovers traumas and sprains;

·         Helps rapid breakage recovery;

·         Helps recovery in rheumatic diseases such as: rheumatism, rheumatoid arthritis and gout;

·         Helps in disc hernias and helps for the treatment of pain syndromes of lower and upper limbs;

·         Helps in diseases of the nervous system such as: multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine and parkinsonism;

·         Helps in the treatment of cerebral circulation disorders;

·         It lowers the concentration of sugar in the blood, which helps with diabetes mellitus;

·         Positively influences: allergies, heart attack, menopausal symptoms, neurodermatitis and others;

·         It is used in the complex treatment of bronchial asthma.

Sports Therapy

·         Relief and rehabilitation for severe chronic traumas;

·         Maintaining the athletes' optimal athletic form;

·         Up to 20 times faster recovery after sports training;

·         After-challenging recovery for fast return in optimal shape;

·         Restoration of injuries, fractures and sprains;

·         Post-operative rehabilitation


Price - BGN 70 (up to 3 minutes)