Thematic Evenings at the LA MENU restourant


During the New Year in the winter months, we will surprise you with a variety of evenings to create your mood and take you to different parts of the world!

1. On February 22nd, we will be moving to neighboring Serbia and there will be splashes and grills on the table.
2. On February 29th we will travel to Asia we will be able to get acquainted with the Asian cuisine and noodles soup, fried chicken with egg and vegetables, chicken wings, pork with Shiitake mushroom.
3. On March 7th we will be visiting Greece for aromatic lamb meatballs, veal stifado, Cretan pork and thyriaki chicken.
4. On March 14th we will enjoy original recipes from Italy with pizzas, pastas and more.
5. On March 21st, we'll have American-style dinner with burgers, barbecue pork ribs, and beef stew.
6. On March 28th, we will enjoy French dishes, duck confit, Alsatian veal, pork sen Germain.
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