Manual and Physiotherapy Specialist

Manual therapy

Manual therapy is an alternative way of treating problems with the spine and the joints. The name comes from the Latin word "manus," which means a hand.

Manual therapy in its various forms has existed since ancient times. In manual therapy, the therapist treats you with "fitting", "pinching", "twisting" the spine and limbs. With proper treatment, manual therapy can save you from a number of problems not only in the spine, but also in internal organs, limbs and various types of headaches.

Applicable kinesiology

Applicable kinesiology is a diagnostic system using a muscle test to determine the disturbance of the activity of various organs in the body.

The main postulate of applicable kinesiology, reflecting its main idea, states that the body language never lies. Therefore, we must allow him to tell us what needs to be done, using it as a tool for our diagnosis and therapy.

 By testing the strength of the muscles that changes during the study, the physician determines the state of the internal organs, the spinal cord, the brain, the nervous system, the psyche, the metabolism. On the basis of all this, the kinesiologist determines the root that causes problems in the patient's body and then chooses a method to solve the problem.


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