Black Sea Ice Arena

The ice skating rink "Black Sea Ice Arena" is a modern sports and health complex on the Black Sea coast with a total area of 3200 m2, an ice field size of 60x26 m and a spectator stand for 400-500 seats.

There are only three ice skating arenas in the world, located on the seacoast – one is in Dubai on the coast of the Arabian sea, the other one is in Sochi on the Black sea coast and the third is “Black Sea Ice Arena”.

The ice arena is designed for training and sports competitions in hockey and figure skating, but also for individual skating. The modern equipment and the entire infrastructure of the ice complex allow us to maintain the microclimate in the arena and the ice temperature of the required parameters throughout the year and create comfortable conditions for athletes and guests. The ice arena is equipped with professional lighting and sound equipment, which makes it possible to perform ice shows, discos, concerts of popular music groups in the arena, and various ceremonial events in the arena bar.

The "Black See Ise arena" ice arena is open all year round.