Mini football field

Hotel complex "Therma Village" has perfect artificial and natural terrains for football tournaments and training camps with dimensions of 60/40 m and 28/19 m.

Our football base has 1 football field with natural turf and 1 field with high quality artificial turf of the latest generation, movable football gates and a full set of football equipment.

New football field with dimensions of 60m x 40m

The facility is built of the highest class flooring and method of its laying. The feeling during the game is maximally comparable to that when playing on a natural field.

The artificial grass is recognized by the international sports federations - FIFA and UEFA and covers all requirements.

The playground can be divided into 2 smaller playgrounds measuring 30m x 40m. There are stands for over 100 spectators and lighting with the possibility of round-the-clock use of the terrains.